Friday, November 23, 2012

Every Hand Plane Needs a Tuneup - a Reply

I did not intend to go into video, in fact I fought it...but in the end it was no use.

The problem is, I know smart, careful woodworkers who read Fine Woodworking (FWW) closely, and when they see an article from an apparently gold-plated authority--Tommy MacDonald has his own woodworking how-to show on PBS called Rough Cut, does it get any more legit?--they are liable to follow it diligently.

In this case, though, the magazine and author are the ones that ought to be liable. Exhibit A:

No disrespect intended, as both the author and FWW have inspired and taught many, but in this case some really bad advice slipped through, advice that could easily ruin a $400 handplane while attempting to improve it.

Here is my response, with very amateur production values and as one friend said, narrated by a homeless person--ouch! Another said the shop looks too clean--can't win.


  1. very enjoyable and informative.
    i'm curious as to how you would flatten the sole of a plane that would actually need it. obviously with the frog and blade, but what body movements.

  2. A homeless person is a bit strong, but it certainly looks like you raided Bill Belichick's wardrobe. I hope you will post more on your blog. Are you going to be working the L-N tool event in Portland in February?